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Meet the Author: Scott Conners - Creator of Safe Adventures for Families

Scott Conners with headphones around his neck and a white backdrop

In this week's blog post, we have a special treat for you as we sit down with the creative genius behind Bundaloop Adventures. Get ready to meet the author, Scott Conners, and delve into the magic behind the pages of our beloved children's book series.

In the enchanting world of Bundaloop Adventures, there's a guiding hand behind the magic, and that hand belongs to none other than Scott Conners. Born and raised in the beautiful landscapes of Seattle, Scott has embarked on a remarkable journey of creativity and storytelling.

A Life in Radio: With nearly 25 years in the radio industry, Scott's voice has graced the airwaves of major markets like Seattle and Salt Lake City. His talent extends beyond the microphone as he crafts comedy bits and composes songs that have resonated with audiences around the globe.

A Family Man: Scott's passions extend far beyond the studio. When he's not behind the mic, you'll likely find him enjoying the thrill of snowboarding, coaching and playing soccer, or spending cherished moments with his wife and three children. But come NFL season, you can bet he's front and center in front of the television, cheering on his favorite team.

From Frustration to Inspiration: Scott's journey as an author began with a concern shared by many parents. Frustrated with the inappropriate content often found in children's literature and television, he set out on a mission to create something different—a 'safe' chapter book adventure series. Bundaloop Adventures was born, offering parents and children the opportunity to embark on delightful journeys together.

Young Authors' Award Winner: Scott's commitment to wholesome storytelling has been recognized with a Young Authors' award, a testament to his dedication to providing families with engaging and safe adventures through the pages of his books.

Join us in celebrating the man who brings Bundaloop Adventures to life—a radio personality, a creative genius, and a devoted family man. Scott Conners is not just an author; he's a storyteller on a mission to spark imaginations and strengthen family bonds through the magic of literature.


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