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The Bundaloop Adventures: 
Pine Cone Soup

The Bundaloop Adventures Pine Cone Soup Cover

Inside the dingy tunnels below Loopville, the claw-stomping Tunnel Rat Militia threatens three young bundaloops in their adventurous quest for Pine Cone Soup. If they are able to escape from Rat City, Bigabee, Bonbondee, and his little sister Banudee will be forced to rely on a squinty-eyed mole, fireflies, and plenty of bundaloop ingenuity. Along their journey, they’ll battle rodents launched by ratapults, careen out of control in an abandoned mine cart, and do their best to stay one step ahead of Loopville’s double-dealing bundaloop hunter, Sergeant Baroonee. Will teamwork, determination, and an unlikely fluffy accomplice be enough? This family-friendly chapter book will not only spark your children's imagination but may have them checking for signs of recent bundaloop activity at home.

A Children's Book by National Radio Personality
Scott Conners


"Pine Cone Soup, the first book in the Bundaloop Adventure series, is a delightful, imaginative story for young children to listen to or older ones to read themselves. With all the dialogue, it would be perfect for a family or group of students to read aloud together, each person assuming the role of one of the characters. There is the brother-sister team of Bonbondee and Banudee, their best friend Bigabee, Milo the mole, and Junior, the giant St. Bernard. Of course, any good story has to have antagonists as well, and the rodents fill that role. In their quest for pine cone soup, the search takes the three Bundaloops on a raft on a river, through the tunnels below the neighborhood of Loopville, and down an abandoned mine shaft. It is packed full of adventure. Kids will relate to the characters and love this fun story!"

IdaGay Nicolino, 

The Nicolino Family

"We gave this book to two friends who have young children. The kids enjoyed the book; one child is five the other eight and they were able to understand and follow and enjoy the story. I am sure when the next one comes out, they will want to continue the adventure."

"My family enjoyed this book so much. We read it as a read-aloud in the evenings with our children. The storyline kept them engaged and had their imaginations running wild. There are different chants and jingles throughout the story that were very catchy and the kids loved singing them.

My kids favorite characters were Milo and the Rat Militia. As a read-aloud, we were able to make up all of our own voices for the characters. The cherry on top of this great story was listening to my kids crack up at the voices my husband made up.

This was an adorable, exciting and wholesome story. We can't wait for future books!"

Debbie Barton,

The Barton Family

Carly Siler,

 Home School Teacher

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Scott Conners photo

Scott Conners is a national radio personality, voice over artist, and Young Authors’ award winner. Born and raised on an island in Puget Sound near Seattle, he has always had an affinity for writing, creating comedy bits for radio stations and composing songs that have been streamed and sold worldwide. 

Frustrated with the inappropriate material in books and on television that his own children were consuming, he has written a ‘safe’ chapter book adventure series for parents and children to enjoy together. Join the children's book series adventure at


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